Always Trophy Hunting
Pandemic #drawingthenews
Ace of Pentacles (Ace of Earth for 78 Tarot)
Ace of Pentacles (Ace of Earth for 78 Tarot: Ecological)
Weekly Specials titles
#drawingthenews is a warmup series with close to 1500 drawings so far.
Welcome Conference lunchbox
Remembering Joey
SciFi & Fantasy
The Long Shadows #1
5 of Pentacles: Frost Giant
WTF Just Happened Today
Collaboration with WTFJHT.
Pot Farm Fail
A comic story about failing as a pot farmer.
Brigde Monster
Microsoft: Quarterly Earnings Statement
Illustrations for Official Microsoft Blog quarterly earnings statements.
Govt Fat Cats
RUN (for Corpus)
A collection of logos, titles, and more from the last 15 years.
Swimming With Gators
Montauk Monster: 10 Years
Saveur: Port Wine
Agent Cooper
007 Roger Moore
Honeysuckle Magazine: high and low culture icons
Sharkary vs Tsunami Crab Volume II: Hurricane Island
Boats and Ships
Pen drawings of boats and ships.
Stranger Things
Stranger Things group hug.
She Brings the Night
"She Brings the Night" is a painting inspired by a passage from a Gene Wolfe novel.
Bod and Silas (after the Graveyard Book)
Bod and Silan from Neil Gaiman's "Graveyard Book"
Vice Sports: Underground Mignight Half Marathon
Illustration for Vice Sports article on the underground Midnight Half Marathon
Fast Count | The Ultimate Counting Book
Learning to count from 1 to 10 is more fun when playing ultimate. Basic numbers help tell a story about the ultimate game using creative rhymes and beautiful illustrations.
Eleven Madison Park | Kentucky Derby Poster
Poster design for Eleven Madison Park's annual Kentucky Derby party.
Moving to NYC: Steven Lebron (editorial)
Drawings for an essay by Steven Lebron of NYC interludes featuring Chinatown dumplings, basketball, rats, and more.
Chance This | for Wait...It Gets Worse #3
4-page collaboration with writer Doug Latino.
No Timeouts
Three paintings for a hoops-centric gallery show in Portland, OR.
Road to 1600
Character, logo and more for mobile political strategy game.
The Long Shadows
1981. The lower east side, NYC. punk is gone and in its place came a stylish new wave of bands, dead set on taking over the world. Some were just a little more serious about it than the rest.
Star Wars
Star Wars sketches and doodles.
An ongoing series of drawings of the Titanic for my son.
Even Krampus needs to relax on the couch with a nice glass of schnapps every now and then.
Inktober 2015: Sharkary vs. Tsunami Crab
Sharkary vs Tsunami Crab: Battle for the Amulet of Tides
A selection of commissions.
On Zack's Street
Unpublished children's book, written and drawn by me, inspired by my son, Zack, and his adventures in our neighborhood.
Hot Rod Cyclist
Custom illustration for cycling-oriented cancer research benefit auction.
The Pig Hunter (Wait...It Gets Worse)
5-page comic, written by Doug Latino, about pig hunting in Florida.
The Classical: Work (all-wrestling issue)
Cover for The Classical Magazine's all-wrestling issue: WORK
Rosie the Riveter in a Sari
Painting of Rosie the Riveter with a bruised cheek and wearing a sari for a campaign against violence against women and for women's rights in India. (for
The Fifth Vertex | Book Cover
Book cover (and map) illustration and design for Kevin Hoffman's YA Fantasy novel, "The Fifth Vertex."
Grantland | Eminem & Musberger
Illustration for article about Eminem's awkward appearance on ESPN
Cycling Tee Design
Cyclist for a 2-color tee shirt design.
Knight of Swords
Knight of Swords for 78 Tarot project
LOSING: Don't It Feel Good
Illustration for an article about Losing for the Classical Magazine no.9
LOSING: the Classical Magazine
Cover art for Losing: The Classical Magazine no.9
Grantland: NBA Team Names
Illustration for Grantland Quarterly no.9 article on NBA Team Names.
Nail Polish Drip Paintings
Gesture Drip Paintings created with nail polish and photographed by Christine Blackburne
Basketball Watercolors
Basketball Watercolors
Tight End Revolution
The Tight End Revolution Will Be Televised
Julius Caesar
85-page Graphic Novel Adaptation of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"
Inktober 2013
All of my 2013 Inktober drawings.
Romeo & Juliet
90-page graphic novel adaptation of Romeo & Juliet.
The Classical Magazine: Play (cover)
Cover for The Classical Magazine VII: Play
20th Reunion Materials
Announcement and save-the-date for my 20th high school reunion.
The Pixel Paradox (for The Classical Magazine)
Editorial illustration for an article called, "The Pixel Paradox" by Aaron Gordon for the Classical Magazine, about the absurd race for the biggest stadium screen.
On Professional Ultimate Frisbee
An essay and accompanying illustration about the dawn of professional Ultimate Frisbee
Latte Art
Latte art illustration created for Breville-hosted event at the Ace Hotel in New York City. (Invitation design, too.)
SPIN: Purple Rain 25th Anniversary Cover
Photo Illustration for SPIN Magazine cover celebrating 25 years of Prince's Purple Rain.
Wrestling Stars
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
Green Mars
Landscape of partially terraformed Mars.
Dr. J; Illuminated
Dr. J; Illuminated
The Mungler
The Mungler; one who mungles. Digital Illustration.
Jean Grae for XXL
Photo illustrations of MC Jean Grae, transforming her into a superhero.
Soul Hoops
Illustration for an article about the most soulful players in the NBA.
Studies in Rondology
Rajon Rondo as Ganesh. Illustration for
Montauk Shores
Tee shirt design for Montauk Shores trailer park.
est. 1997
Logo designed for Prospect Park Morning Disc pickup game in Brooklyn, NY.
R Kelly Photo Illustration
Photo Illustration of R Kelly for August 2007 issue of Spin Magazine
Fashion Monster
Photo Illustrations created in collaboration between photographer Dustin Cohen and illustrator/retoucher Eli Neugeboren. We created a creepy/cute fashion shoot with a noir feel.
Food Drawings
Some drawings of food and things that will be food.
This is a series of drawings, photo illustrations, and digital illustrations. These are a result of attempting to portray the idea of cute and horrible in one place. Like a pink skull & crossbones, only with an implied narrative that it is up to the viewer to follow.
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