COVID Chronicles: A Comics Anthology
Weapon Ecch!
Remembering Joey
Pot Farm Fail
A comic story about failing as a pot farmer.
RUN (for Corpus)
The Long Shadows #1
Sharkary vs Tsunami Crab Volume II: Hurricane Island
Swimming With Gators
The Long Shadows
1981. The lower east side, NYC. punk is gone and in its place came a stylish new wave of bands, dead set on taking over the world. Some were just a little more serious about it than the rest.
Inktober 2015: Sharkary vs. Tsunami Crab
Sharkary vs Tsunami Crab: Battle for the Amulet of Tides
The Pig Hunter (Wait...It Gets Worse)
5-page comic, written by Doug Latino, about pig hunting in Florida.
Fast Count | The Ultimate Counting Book
Learning to count from 1 to 10 is more fun when playing ultimate. Basic numbers help tell a story about the ultimate game using creative rhymes and beautiful illustrations.
A series of truck (and more) drawings I did for my son.
Chance This | for Wait...It Gets Worse #3
4-page collaboration with writer Doug Latino.
On Zack's Street
Unpublished children's book, written and drawn by me, inspired by my son, Zack, and his adventures in our neighborhood.
Tidewater: Chapter 1
The story of a fiction Negro League player from Brooklyn, who could've been the black Babe Ruth, if his own passion hadn't destroyed it all.
Julius Caesar
85-page Graphic Novel Adaptation of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"
Romeo & Juliet
90-page graphic novel adaptation of Romeo & Juliet.
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