Cover for The Classical Magazine's all-wrestling issue, titled, "Work". I was initially thinking to do a closeup of a face getting smashed into the turnbuckle and make it all sweaty/bloody/visceral but then I remembered one of my favorite wrestlers from when I was a kid: George "The Animal" Steele! Akzidenz Grotesk seemed to complement the drawing appropriately, and David Roth wanted to use the 8-bit logo I designed for the "Games" issue.
Pencil sketch in 7"x9" moleskine.
Sliced and roughed digitally for better angle and to accomodate 3 different crops needed for landscape/portrait iPad and iPhone screens.
Digital pencils. Drawn in Photoshop using Frenden blue pencil custom brush.
Traditional inks over printed blue lines. Pitt pen, Pilot V5 extra fine, and Pentel pocket brush pen on bristol, 11"x14".
Finished piece, uncropped.
Experiment to see if I could add a little motion to the turnbuckle filling. First time I've tried animating one of my illustrations.
iPad (landscape crop)
iPad (portrait crop)
iPhone crop
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