These gestural drip-paintings were made with nail polish on acetate, and photographed by Brooklyn-based photographer Christine Blackburne
The Cut at ran these along with an interview with myself and Christine by Erica Schwiegershausen. Here is an excerpt explaining how it came about:
"For a recent collaboration, illustrator Eli Neugeboren and still-life photographer Christine Blackburne teamed up to create a series of portraits from an unlikely — and finicky — material: nail polish. The idea to use the beauty product as paint came from years of shooting nail polish blobs for beauty editorials and cosmetic companies: “I knew for a while that I wanted to do some sort of painting with nail polish, but I can’t really draw much more than stick figures myself,” Christine told the Cut. After meeting Eli at a group show last year, the two decided to collaborate on a series of portraits — inspired by Jackson Pollock, John Singer Sargent, and street paintings by Greenpoint-based artist Paul Richard — made by dripping nail polish onto acetate and photographing them while still wet. The New York–based artists spoke to the Cut about the inspiration for the series and the challenges of painting with nail polish."
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