Aaron Gordon wrote a fabulous article for the Classical Magazine about the "pixel war" that is underway in stadiums: the goal is to have the biggest jumbotron possible, to enhance the stadium experience as much as possible. The problem with this is that it makes the actual field of play less and less important.
The following passage stood out to me and inspired this illustration. Gordon writes:
"When you walk into a stadium, no matter where, the ritual is 
the same: a desultory pat-down and wanding (or a less-desultory 
one, depending on security-guard zeal), a quick trip to the 
bathroom, perhaps a beverage purchase, and locating your 
section. I’ve been to 43 different stadiums in five countries, and 
can attest that the single and most powerful commonality 
between them is the feeling of emerging from a crowded, circular 
concrete concourse and seeing the playing surface emerge, like 
the final movement of a Beethoven symphony, suddenly and 
brightly into view."
Final Illustration
Detail 1
Detail 2
Rough Brainstorming Sketch
As it ran in the magazine
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