Prospect Park Morning Disc
Logo design for pickup Ultimate Frisbee group in Brooklyn
I've been playing in this early morning ultimate frisbee game in Brooklyn's Prospect Park since it's inception in 1997. Initially it was a winter-only (daylight savings) game, to offset the early sunset and inability to play after work. Starting a few years ago we began playing all year rounds, and on Fridays as well, and now we play Tuesdays through Fridays. There are at least 60-80 regulars who come out to play and it is quite a great little community.

The idea for the design was that the frisbee is a danish, since we play so early. The foliage in the background is meant to look like the trees near where we play. The sun is also a clock that reads 7AM.

Finished, 2-color design with 3rd background color simulating the tee shirt's color
Finished, 2-color design that was shipped to the printer
Detail of printed tee shirt. Dye sublimation appears faded for that retro look and weaker tones (yellows, etc.) take on a bit of the background color. Design is not raised or textured, will not flake.
Printed tee
Original pencil sketch. Letterform below
Sky and landscape came from this sketch
Early design with way too much color
Rejected design
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