A collection of photos I've retouched for various clients. For before/afters or more work please email
Covers I've retouched.
Retouching for SPIN Magazine
For nearly five years I was responsible for all of the retouching, color correction and prepress for every image in SPIN Magazine. This is a selection of some of the photographs I worked on while I was there.
Drawing Laces
Drawings of sports figures made with laces and shot in the environment where the sport is played.
Blade Running
Photo-illustrated Scifi fashion/beauty shoot.
Wu Tang at 20
Photo Illustrations of the Wu Tang Clan for Grantland
Nail Polish Drip Paintings
Gesture Drip Paintings created with nail polish and photographed by Christine Blackburne
SPIN: Purple Rain 25th Anniversary Cover
Photo Illustration for SPIN Magazine cover celebrating 25 years of Prince's Purple Rain.
Fashion Monster
Photo Illustrations created in collaboration between photographer Dustin Cohen and illustrator/retoucher Eli Neugeboren. We created a creepy/cute fashion shoot with a noir feel.
Vice Magazine Cover: Tattoos
Vice Magazine logo and slug added to bodybuilder's huge pectoral muscles as tattoos.
R Kelly Photo Illustration
Photo Illustration of R Kelly for August 2007 issue of Spin Magazine
Jean Grae for XXL
Photo illustrations of MC Jean Grae, transforming her into a superhero.
Retouching and Photo Illustration for advertising campaign for AIR: Alcohol Inspired Refresher. For Vice Media.
Madden Anniversary Illustration
Photo Illustration celebrating release of 20th edition of Madden NFL video game.
Festival VIP Tents (Photo Illustration)
Photo illustration for story about VIP tents at summer rock festivals.
This is a series of drawings, photo illustrations, and digital illustrations. These are a result of attempting to portray the idea of cute and horrible in one place. Like a pink skull & crossbones, only with an implied narrative that it is up to the viewer to follow.
Sex Panther
Adding "Sex Panther" graphic to t-shirt in photo for feature opener in Inked Magazine. Dustin Cohen Photographer. Todd Weinberger Creative Direction. Susan Hennessey Photo Editor.
Sixpoint Nanokegs
Retouching for the first canned releases from Red Hook, Brooklyn-based Sixpoint Craft Ales
Trey and Matt for Esquire
Retouching for Esquire Magazine. Photographs by Matt Salacuse.
Tosi on Tour
Custom lettering for Momofuku Milk Bar chef's book tour blog.
MAC + Alexandra Vidal
Retouching for lookbook of Alexandra Vidal's clothes, MAC Cosmetics. Dustin Cohen Photography.
Austin Monthly | 2009 COOL ISSUE
Photo illustration for Austin Monthly: redrawn letters and numbers to create cover lines.
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